Citizens Against Poverty

Citizens Against Poverty (CAP) is a community advocacy group focused on the root causes of poverty. They meet the fourth Wednesday of the month from 12-2pm at Bridges Community Health Centre, Fort Erie site. 


Mission Statement - To eliminate poverty and allow all people the opportunity to live a healthy, prosperous life.



  • Increase awareness of the root causes of poverty

  • Increase awareness of the consequences of poverty

  • Build hope and engage individuals in our communities to take collective action against poverty

CAP's priority issues are as follows:

Basic Income Guarantee

Food Security

Dental Health 

Affordable, Accessible Public Transit

Everyone is welcome! 

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380 Elm St. Port Colborne, ON L3K 4P2  (P) 289.479.5017 (F) 905.835.7756

1485 Garrison Rd. Fort Erie, ON L2A 1P8 (P) 905.871.7621 (F) 905.871.9135