Healthy Mind Programs


Bridges CHC offers a number of workshops and programs focused on helping individuals achieve and maintain health and well-being. Check our Event Calender or Newsletters for upcoming worksop and program dates.


  • CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT: Learn and use new coping strategies for managing your chronic pain.   


  • DEMYSTIFYING DEPRESSION: Our Registered Social Worker and Registered Nurse will talk about the symptoms of depression as well as treatment strategies.  This workshop is suitable for family members or friends who wish to play a supportive role and for persons who live with depression.

  • LAUGHTER AS MEDICINE: This workshop looks at the importance of laughter and lightheartedness as a life skill.  Learn about its multiple benefits and how to make it an attitude and approach you use in your everyday life. 


  • LONELINESS & GRIEF: A workshop focusing on strategies for dealing with loneliness and grief. 


  • MANAGING STRESS: Our Registered Social Worker will talk about how stress negatively impacts on health. Learn about the tools you can use to manage your stress and develop a personal recipe for stress management that can improve your health and well-being and contribute to a longer and happier life.


  • MOES (MEDICALLY ORIENTED EXERCISE SUPPORT PROGRAM): Develop an exercise program based on your physical needs and ability, 12 week supervised program for those meeting eligibility requirements.


  • MORE THAN THE BLUES - SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER: Learn what S.A.D. is, how it affects you, and what you can do about it.


  • ROAD TO EMPOWERMENT - SELF ADVOCACY: Learn skills to speak up for yourself more confidently and effectively.  The six-session program will cover communication, community supports, knowing your rights, and more. 


  • SLEEP FOR HEALTH: This workshop will focus on the value of sleep in a person’s overall health and well-being.  Learn how sleep affects weight management, mental and physical performance and your ability to handle stress. Take home tips and habits  for getting better sleep and improving your quality of life.


  • SELF-ACCEPTANCE: For people who tend to be hard on themselves, this full day workshop looks at ineffective ways we attempt to protect or motivate ourselves with judgment or striving to do better, and provides exercises to increase our self-acceptance, self-care, and selfcompassion.


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