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Model of Care

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Bridges Community Health Centre is a member of the Alliance for Healthier Communities, following a model of health and wellbeing. More details about the guiding principles and attributes listed below can be found on their website or by following this link. 

Guiding Principles

  • The Highest Quality, People- and Community-Centred Primary Health Care

  • Health Equity and Social Justice

  • Community Vitality and Belonging



  • Population Needs-Based Planning

  • A Community Development Approach

  • A Strong Focus on the Determinants of Health

  • Interprofessional, Integrated and Coordinated

  • Anti-oppression and Culturally Safe Practices

  • Accessibility

  • Community Centredness and Community Governance

  • Accountability and Efficiency

Community Health Centres deliver primary care services in combination with health promotion and illness prevention services with a strong community development focus.  In addition to promoting the health of individuals and families, CHCs are involved with initiatives that address social, economic and environmental problems negatively impacting people’s health. Governed by community members, and working hand in hand with the people they serve, CHCs also prioritize improving the health and wellbeing of populations who have traditionally faced barriers accessing health services.

CHCs WORK is a campaign that shares the effectiveness of the model, learn more about it here. 

Our Statement of Information Practices

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