Diabetes Education


The Bridges CHC Diabetes Education Program provides education and support to people with diabetes, their families, friends and community agencies. We are staffed with diabetes nurse educators and registered dietitians, who work with the health care providers i.e. doctors, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, and social workers in order to provide an optimum level of care.


Bridges Community Health Centre currently offers a Diabetes Education Program that is open to anyone who lives in Fort Erie, Port Colborne and Wainfleet. Clients can be referred to the program by their physician or they may refer themselves by filling out a self-referral form. 

The goal of our Diabetes Education Program is to facilitate and encourage self-management of diabetes. Our clients will make informed choices and take action, based on his/her own awareness of possible consequences.


Our diabetes educators provide individual and group education sessions to persons who are newly diagnosed with diabetes, and those who have had diabetes for any length of time. After the initial education session, participants are invited to return for ongoing education and care. The length of education sessions may vary.


The diabetes education sessions can take place on consecutive days or be spread out over several weeks and this will be dependent on our clients ability to self manage their disease.

Our clients will learn:


  • Topics on healthy eating

  • Goals for blood glucose levels

  • How to monitor blood glucose levels at home with affordable tools i.e. glucometers

  • Safe administration of diabetes medication either oral or injectable

  • Exercise and ways to promote a healthy lifestyle

  • Stress management and living with diabetes

  • Prevention of complications related to diabetes

  • Foot Care




Diabetes Education Program at Bridges CHC

Clients can be referred to the program by their physician or nurse practitioner.


Clients can also refer themselves by filling out a self-referral form. 


Click here to download the self-referral form, or visit us during office hours. 


Click here to download the physician and nurse practitioner referral form. 


Diabetes Programs: 

  • Diabetes Hot Topics

  • Diabetes BINGO

  • Pre-Diabetes...Keeping Diabetes Away


Check our Event Calender or Newsletters for upcoming program dates.

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