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Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Healthy eating and nutrition programs and counselling are led by Bridges CHC's Registered Dietitian. Programs are designed to support and improve:

  • awareness of healthy, well-balanced eating

  • label reading and meal planning 

  • and food skills to prepare quick, tasty, low-cost meals.

Nutrition counselling is available to clients of Bridges CHC to learn more about Canada's food guide, your relationship with food and the potential of food to improve your mental and physical health. ​

Helpful resources:

  • Find information on how to meal plan, grocery shop, handle fruit and vegetables safely, store produce properly or involve kids more in the kitchen. Visit Half Your Plate here. 

  • Watch these videos from Health Canada for tips and ideas on how to balance your plate, enjoy!

bean burger.png

Featured Recipe: 
Bean and Beef Burger
Did you know that beans are a great way to get additional fibre and protein in your diet? Beans are commonly used in the winter months to
create hearty meals but can be enjoyed in a variety of ways in the summer months as well.
Just pair with a whole grain bun and colourful salad for a well-balanced meal.
Find the full recipe here.

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